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Studying for the JLPT N5?

JLPT stands for Japanese Language Proficiency Test and is hosted at locations worldwide.  Check here for your local test site.

If you really want to get serious about learning the Japanese language, then passing the JLPT N5 should be your first step. 

I can help you ace the JLPT N5 with my FULL crash course!



Reading and Writing:

Japanese Grammar – Structure:


Pronunciation for Beginners

How to read Hiragana

WA and DESU (は, です)

How to write Hiragana

The Grammar Particle NO (の)

How to read Katakana

Demonstratives (KSAD pattern)

How to write Katakana

The Grammar Particle WO / O (を)

Kanji Collection

The Grammar Particle NI (に)

Japanese Grammar – Verbs:

MO, TO and YA (も, と and や)

The Plain Form

The Particle DE (で)

Verbs in the Polite Form

Te-Kudasai and Onegaishimasu

Verbs in the Polite Form, Past Tense

ARIMASU, IMASU (あります, います)

The Negative Polite Form

WA and GA (は, が)

The Casual Past Form

Interrogatives + KA and MO (か, も)

The Negative Casual Form

NI NARU, NI SURU (になる, にする)

 The Te Form

KARA (から)

Japanese Vocabulary Lists:

MADE and KARA (まで, から)

Japanese Counters

MO II DESU KA? (もいいですか)

JLPT N5 Verbs List – Group 1

TE + wa ikemasen (てはいけません)

JLPT N5 Verbs List – Group 2

TE + KARA (~て + から)

JLPT N5 Verbs List – Irregular

MOU and MADA (もう, まだ)

Japanese Phrases:

Just DAKE (だけ)

Beginner’s Guide

DESHOU and DAROU (でしょう, だろう)

Getting to Know Someone

HOU GA II (ほうがいい)

At the Restaurant

YORI and HOU GA (より、ほうが)

Nara Park

KEREDOMO, KEDO and GA (けれども、けど、が)

Skype Lessons:

MAE NI (まえに)

Single Lesson – $20 / hour

ATO NI and ATO DE (あとに, あとで)

5 Lessons – $90

SUGIRU (すぎる)

Learning Apps & Games:

GA JOUZU (がじょうず)

The Hiragana Game

GA HETA (がへた)

Links and Resources:

TAI (たい)

Links Page

KOTO GA ARU (ことがある)

Tsumori (つもり)

Quick Guide to Adjectives