JLPT N5 Practice Tests

JLPT N5 Practice Tests

These questions are made to mimic a real JLPT N5 (beginner) exam.  I will also provide you with flashcards and walk-throughs throughout this course.  If the following sample questions are too difficult, feel free to go back to our main page for more learning resources. 

Sample Questions

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Studying for the JLPT N5 is beneficial to anyone who is learning Japanese.

Whether you are travelling to Japan for fun, work or just really addicted to Japanese anime - the JLPT N5 has something for everybody. Some people are under the impression that the JLPT is aimed at the hardcore study crowd made up of people who are looking to study/work in Japan.. but that's really not the case at all.  The reality is that progressing through the JLPT levels will benefit anyone who wishes to learn Japanese at any level.  Tracking your progression and re-assessing yourself at intervals leads to a heavy dose of positive feedback in the brain and motivates you to continue.  Studying for the JLPT is the equivalent to learning a new skill or sport by tracking your progress through testing and practice.  A structured study plan also ensures that you cover a large range of vocabulary and grammar points, all of which you will come across in daily Japanese conversation.  Here are some more reasons that studying for the JLPT N5 is a good idea:

1. The JLPT N5 gives you something to strive for.

There's nothing better than a big fat certificate to remind yourself that you passed an entire level of Japanese fluency.  It will remind you that you are overcoming the learning curve and that there's nowhere to go but up.

2. The JLPT N5 helps you learn Japanese through revision.

Research has shown that taking a practice test helps to focus your thoughts, cement your knowledge and highlight the gaps in your understanding far more effectively than just studying.  The N5 covers a very solid foundation of basic Japanese, and these practice tests are built on top of that.

3. It will stimulate your brain.

Being aware of a deadline provides an incentive to absorb more Japanese at a faster rate.  As your calendar brings you closer to the JLPT date, you will be more likely to push yourself harder.

The JLPT gives you the chance to shine.

There's something very rewarding about those "a-ha!  I got it!" moments.  I guarantee that you will experience many of those while studying for and writing the JLPT N5.

"What are these levels you speak of?"

JLPT N5 is the beginner level and the JLPT N1 is the most advanced.  Here is a summary of the 5 JLPT levels taken directly from the official JLPT site.


"How long will it take me to advance through a level?"

This is a very common question and the answer is very subjective, of course.  The Japanese Language Education Center published this table that may give you a rough estimate.  These study times are based on JLEC official averages between Dec 2010 - July 2015.

Study Hours Required to Pass JLPT
Level Students with kanji knowledge
*eg: Asian Students
Other Students
*no prior kanji knowledge
N1 1700 to 2600 hours 3000 to 4800 hours
N2 1150 to 1800 hours 1600 to 2800 hours
N3 700 to 1100 hours 950 to 1700 hours
N4 400 to 700 hours 575 to 1000 hours
N5 250 to 450 hours 325 to 600 hours


These statistics are based on full-time students studying in Japan.  This includes class hours, homework, class preparation, and personal study hours.  If you are self-studying, then these numbers may fluctuate wildly in either direction.  Below are ways to utilize your study time efficiently using a variety of resources.


"Okay, I'm ready to study for the JLPT N5!  Where do I start?"

JapaneseMEOW was created with the JLPT in mind, so our entire site can be used to prepare you.  Here is the recommended path:

Learn to read and write Hiragana and Katakana in our Reading/Writing section.

Play the "Hiragana Game" daily until you win.  You can play it directly in your web browser, or by downloading the Android app.  The Katakana Game is available too.  

Read one of our beginner grammar lessons daily and practice the examples with Keiko.

Our vocabulary lists are based on the JLPT N5.  Add these words to your arsenal regularly.

Sign up for the JLPT N5 Crash Course at the top of this page and start practicing!  I have vocabulary, reading and listening exercises.

If you want a highly effective study session while immersing yourself in Japanese, then try a Skype Lesson with Keiko.

Start learning Kanji.  At some point, you need to memorize over 100 of them for the JLPT N5.

Of course the best way to study for the JLPT N5 is to practice:

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