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Japanese Grammar – The Japanese Particle で (de)

The Particle NI - kuruma de gakkou ni ikimashita.


The goal of this lesson is to learn about the Japanese grammar particle で (de).

It’s a lot like the word “in“, “at” or “via” in English.  It can also mean “because“.

で (de) marks a place of action:

is used to indicate the place at which an action occurs.

resutoran de gohan o tabemashita.
(I ate food at the restaurant.)
resutoran de gohan o tabemashita


で (de) as a means or method:

 (de) indicates a means or method.  It is similar to “via” or “by” in English.

kuruma de gakkou ni ikimashita.
(He went to school by car.)
kuruma de gakou ni ikimashita


で (de) indicates a total amount:

 (de) indicates a total of time, quantity or money.  It is similar to saying “in total“.
Zenbu de hassen en desu.
(It is 8000 yen in total.)
Zenbu de hassen en desu


で (de) marks a reason for an action:

で (de) indicates a reason for an action.  It is similar to “because“.


Byouki de kaisha o yasumimashita.
(Because of illness, I took a day off work.)
Byouki de kaisha o yasumimashita


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