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より and ほうが – yori and hou-ga – Comparing two things

Unlike English, Japanese doesn’t use the suffix ‘-er’ to make comparisons.   Instead, より (yori) is used with  ほうが (hou-ga) to compare nouns, adjectives and even verbs.  It’s extremely useful, as we’re about to find out.  Here’s the form:  

Form: (lesser thing) + よりyori , (greater thing) + ほうがhou-ga



An important detail to remember is to attach (no) to ほうが (hou-ga) if you are comparing nouns.  Let’s keep that in mind as we continue with our first example:


わたしねこ よりいぬ ほう

watashi wa neko yori, inu no hou ga suki.

(I like dogs more than cats)

 watashi wa neko yori, inu no hou ga suki


When we compare verbs, we don’t need to attach の:


kaku yori, yomu hou ga suki desu  

kaku yori, yomu hou ga suki desu.

(I like reading more than writing.)

 kaku yori, yomu hou ga suki desu


Although this may seem different from our last lesson regarding ほうがいい (hou ga ii), it’s actually the same!  Remember, in Japanese we can drop a lot of things out of the sentence if the context is understood.  For example, in our previous lesson we saw this as an example:


hayaku neta hou ga ii desu yo.  hayaku neta hou ga ii desu yo
(It is better to go to bed early.)  


There is actually some information that has been dropped, including より (yori).  Just for fun, let’s stick it in there and see what it looks like when “Captain Obvious” is making the same statement:


osoku neru yori, hayaku neta hou ga ii desu yo.  osoku neru yori, hayaku neta hou ga ii desu yo
(It is better to go to bed early than late)  


Let’s thank him for that..


Anime Practice with ほうが and より (hou-ga and yori)


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More examples of より (yori) and ほうが (hou-ga)


eigo yori nihongo no hou ga muzukashii to omou.

(I think Japanese is more difficult than English.)


eigo yori nihongo no hou ga muzukashii to omou



Nihon yori kanada no hou ga ookii desu.

Canada is bigger than Japan.



Nihon yori kanada no hou ga ookii desu 



Ryōri wa tsukuru yori taberu hou ga suki desu.

like eating more than cooking.



Ryōri wa tsukuru yori taberu hou ga suki desu



Kinou yori kyou no hou ga samui.

(It is colder today than yesterday.)



Kinou yori kyou no hou ga samui



Tenpura yori o-sushi no hou ga suki desu.

I prefer sushi over tempura.



Tenpura yori o-sushi no hou ga suki desu



Jitensha yori kuruma no hou ga hoshii desu.

want a car more than a bike.



Jitensha yori kuruma no hō ga hoshii desu



gyuunyuu yori beer no hou ga suki desu.

like beer more than milk.



gyūnyū yori beer no hō ga suki desu



Kanada to nihon to dochira no hou ga ookii desu ka

Which is bigger: Canada or Japan?


Kanada to nihon to dochira no hō ga ōkii desu ka

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