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Quick Phrase Guide – A Walk Through Nara Park

I would like to introduce some useful phrases to anyone who wishes to visit Nara Prefecture, Japan.  Actually, this phrase guide will be based on an even more specific location – we are going to visit Nara Park in the ancient capital!  

In this beautiful part of Nara City, close to my home, you will find hundreds of roaming deer.  If you want to make friends with them, you can buy a small stack of deer crackers along the path.  Feed them a few of these, and they may follow you all the way to the temple!   Before you make your ways towards Toudaiji, the 1280+ year old temple in the heart of the park, keep these common phrases handy so that you can practice them among the people of Nara.  Don’t be shy – even a few Japanese words spoken by a foreigner can impress the locals.  

Before we begin – The Kansai Accent

If you have been to JapaneseMEOW before and followed my lessons, you may have noticed my Kansai accent.  This will be the same dialect you hear in Nara, including this popular tourist spot.

 As a beginner, you may not even notice it with formal conversation.  There’s only a slight change of intonation between my voice and someone’s from Tokyo and the pronunciation of these phrases remain the same.  If you are studying at an intermediate level and interested in focusing on the Kansai dialect, here is an excellent resource.  There are some very unique features of the dialect that you will find beyond this phrase guide.  Okay, let’s start by asking someone for directions to the park!

Phrases to use at Nara Park



Nara koen wa dochira desu ka

Where is Nara park?



Nara koen niwa aruite ikemasu ka

Is it possible to walk to Nara park?

Nara koenwa dochira desu ka Nara koenniwa aruite ikemasu ka




Kono basu wa Toudai-ji ni ikimasu ka

Does this bus take me to Toudai-temple?



Toudai-ji no chiketto wa doko de kaemasu ka

Where can I get a ticket for Toudai-temple?

kono basu wa toudaijini ikimasu ka Todaiji no chiketto wa doko dekaemasu ka




Shika to shashin wo totte morae masuka

Can you take a picture of me with the deer?



Shika-senbei wa doko de kaemasuka

Where can I buy deer snacks?

Shikato Shikasenbei wa doko dekaemasu ka




Shika-senbei wa hitotsu ikura desuka

How much is one stack of the deer snacks?



Nara no omiyage wa nani ga ninki desuka

Which souvenir is popular in Nara?

Shikasenbei wa hitotsu ikura desu ka Narano omiyage wa nani ga ninki desu ka

And of course this guide wouldn’t be complete without talking to our new friends: 

 (To the deer)


Yoshi Yoshi

There there.

(To the deer)


Oide / Kite

Come here.

Yoshi yoshi Oide kite
 I hope you found this phrase guide useful!

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